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Program Summary: In-House Mediation Program: Youth & Adults

The components to set-up an In-House Mediation Program will be presented. It uses a Train-the-Trainer concept that leads to self-sufficiency in dealing with conflict.

Benefits include:

1. It is a behavior modification program and a preventive approach to conflict.

2. It is a low-cost and high-results way to eradicate conflict peacefully.

3. It is an effective alternative to bullying, fighting, and verbal violence.

4. It saves time, energy, and cost spent on conflict by REDUCING punishment, expulsions, suspensions, and emotional, physical, and property damages.

5. You are the Trainer, so this program will be available year-round to conveniently train any number of students at any time.

6. It prepares your people to participate as a part of the solution—versus—a part of the problem.

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