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Mediation Training Services



Mediation Training

Mediation is a conflict resolution and situation/problem-solving tool.  A neutral person helps two disputing parties to come to an agreement. 

  • It focuses on the needs of the disputants. 

  • It empowers by letting disputants solve their own problem. 


In Peer Mediation, participants are trained to mediate their peers. Peers are individuals that share something: age, gender, race, national origin, religion, occupation, etc. When you mediate your peers, it eliminates some of the bias that may muddy the waters in the mediation process.


Over our 25+ years, our continual observation and documentation have shown that participants tend to participate more and, thus, learn more when they are trained by their peers. revention and behavior modification are the focuses of the program. One way that this is taught is by using our Train-The-Trainer (TtheT™) concept.  Peers training other peers.  Youth training other youth. Community folk training other community folk.


Since conflict is a meeting of different and sometimes opposing views, effective communication skills can aid the parties as they start to understand each other’s views.  Learning these conflict resolution skills will change a verbal attack into a lively, exciting situation/problem-solving discussion and prevent the advanced stage of a physical attack.



  • Our mediation training has a documented record of accomplishment for improving relations, while positively influencing social skills; thus, reducing conflict. 

  • The trainings are designed and implemented to develop and/or enhance the participants’ knowledge of alternatives to fighting skills. This will help them to prevent crime and violence and its many ramifications. 

  • These trainings will develop and/or enhance leadership qualities, self-esteem, situation/problem-solving, and communication skills; thus, these trainings will help to develop efficient conflict resolvers. 



 Listed below are the conflict resolution and decision making skills that will be taught in this mediation training:


  • Teaches theories of mediation.

  • Teaches mediating techniques:

    • The art of questioning.

    • The art of neutrality.

    • The art of listening.

  • Understand and control your anger.

  • Examines how to deal with angry people.

  • Develops cross-cultural mediating skills .

  • Provides realistic role plays for hands-on practice.

  • Examines the causes of conflict.

  • Teaches practical conflict management.

  • Identifies conflict management styles.

  • Learn the ramifications of conflict.

  • Learn to suspend judgment until all the information is examined.

  • Learn alternatives to violence. 

  • Explores the advantages and disadvantages of co-mediating and mediating solo.

  • Provides tips for writing an effective and workable agreement.

  • Teaches additional skills such as:

    • Critical thinking.

    • Communications.

    • Situation/problem solving.

    • Negotiations.

    • Public speaking.

Training Process


This training will encourage positive individual development by use of three essential components: skills and theories development, opportunities to practice these, and rewards to reinforce use of them. 


  • Skills and Theories: The skills-sets include cultural diversity, mediation, conflict resolution, critical thinking, situation/problem-solving[1], communication, planning and organizing, and public speaking.  These skill-sets are necessary to be an effective conflict resolver.

  • Practice: The practice reinforces the skills with visuals, small work groups, role-plays, brainteasers, and laughter.  

  • Rewards: Certificates of Completion, public approvals from trainers and classmates, and self-pride about these accomplishments.


Fees (Training Supplies Included)

Mediation Training (20 participants)

16 Hours       $8,000

32 Hours       $16,000


Conflict Resolution (20 participants)

2 Hours         $1,000

6 Hours         $3,000


*Depending on the distance, travel, room & board may be added to the Fee.


Mediaition Training Fees
Mediation Training Service
Mediation Training Service
mediation traing in Connecticut
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