12-PACK  #6. Let Me Think! The Cool Person is a problem situation solver.

12-PACK #6. Let Me Think! The Cool Person is a problem situation solver.


This set includes:

1 Teacher's Guide

12 Student Workbooks


This is workbook # 6 in the Cool Calm Clever Series - Leadership Training Program. This series is made up of 8 different workbooks.


Included in the Training

Problem Situation solving skills are taught as ways to handle life’s situations and to prevent conflict. 

  • Learn to identify the real problem. 
  • Reformulate the “old problem” -V- solve “old problem”. 
  • Look at positive and structured ways to approach problems. 
  • Learn to identify and classify information. 
  • Organize facts in a meaningful way. 
  • Practice common sense approaches to situations.
  • Brainstorming Skills: a problem-solving tool. Generate many alternatives to a situation. 
  • 4-Step Problem Solving Technique:  Learn a formula for solving problems.
  • Divergent Thinking:  Learn to use common sense in more complex situations.


32 Pages


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