12-PACK 5. But I Meant . . . The Cool Person says it right the first time. Commu

12-PACK 5. But I Meant . . . The Cool Person says it right the first time. Commu


This set includes:

1 Teacher's Guide

12 Student Workbooks


This is workbook # 5 in the Cool Calm Clever Series - Leadership Training Program. This series is made up of 8 different workbooks.


Included in the Training

Since conflict is a meeting of different and sometimes opposing views, effective communication skills can aid the parties as they start to understand each other’s views.  It feels good to be able to say exactly what you meant to say.

  • Look at different communication styles: verbal and written communication.
  • Examine assumptions and other blocks to effective communication.
  • Examine productive and non-productive listening skills.
  • Learn to collect information before decisions are made.  Remain neutral. 
  • Practice asking the right questions: open and closed questions.
  • Review how participants interpret in-coming information and how they communication to others.

 30 Pages

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